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Panipat Report July 2015

Thy Kingdom Come

September 2016

“We need to discover the value of Christ not in spite of Hinduism but because of Hinduism”

 -P. Chenchiah-

The Hinduism is a major religion and culture, the tradition of south Asia, which developed from the Vedic Religion. It is most notably found in India and Nepal. The history of Hinduism is unique among the world religions in that it has no founder or date of origin. While most major religions derive from new ideas taught by a charismatic leader, Hinduism is simply the religion of the people of India, which has gradually developed over four thousand years. The origins and authors of its sacred texts are largely unknown.

Although today’s Hinduism differs significantly from earlier forms of Indian religion, its roots date back as far as 2000 SC, making it one of the oldest surviving religions. Because of its age, the early history of Hinduism is unclear. The most ancient writings have yet to be deciphered, so for the earliest periods, scholars must rely on educated guesses based on archaeology and contemporary texts.

We need to discover the value of Christ into the Hinduism so that no soul may be untouched. It’s the religion which has hunger and thirst to find God who gives peace and harmony in their lives. So we need to introduce Christ to them.

 Gospel Shared

Praise God for the month of September we shared the Gospel with 29 people out of which g people accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Also thank God for 3 new families we met and shared the Gospel with them. We could feel they were not positive but prayed with us. We invited them to church but only 2 persons turned up in the church. Praise God for it.

Excitement-Indira Colony.

Servey-  The Free Education center Indira colony is on progress. Praise God for we had the survey in Indira colony on 6-9+1 Sept we visited near 25 families in 3 days. Praise God that we found 45 children in 25 families who are willing to spend their time to study. These children are from slum areas and some are never studied, they are age group of 4-14 years.

Expected to start Tuition Date: 1st November 2016

Teachers: Mr. Mc Dowel Solomon (B. Ed English), Mr. Rajender Pradhan, Miss Mamta (B.A.) Rajesh Masih Konai (Admin)


Needs: Place to Start, Stationeries, Books, Table Chair, Black-White Board, Mattress (Please pay for Rs. 10,000 to start)

Mahendergarh Visit

Praise God for our family visit to Mahindergarh on the 4th, it’s Approx 200 KM from Karnal. We celebrated Mahindergarh’s Anniversary. Praise God for God’s glory in the city of Haryana where people even don’t want to listen. In such a tough place evangelist Peter Singh is working.

Diocesan Council Meeting

The Diocesan Council Meeting was held on 22-24+1 Sept. Thank God for the review of our last 3 years’ ministry. personally learned so many things from this meeting. And thank God for the making me proud in the CNI church. am proud to be a part of CNI. God has again chosen the hard-working servants of God as Secretary Rev Mohit Hitter and as Treasurer Rev Kamal Mall along with Vice president Rev Suresh.

Praise God for was able to printout the Brochure on behalf of our Mission and Evangelism Department. This brochure contains up to date of our all four mission stations Sirsa, Narnaul, Sohna and Panipat.


  • Praise God Samuel 4 months child was healed from unknown sickness, he used to cry always days and night. His Dad Mr. Pankaj called me at night and told me about his crying. asked him to take a half glass of water and I anoint the water over mobile, after drinking it the boy was completely healed by the grace of our almighty God.
  • One more person Mr. Babulal was sick and having chikungunya fever and ulcer in the stomach. He was unable to hold even water in his stomach and vomits out. The pain was unbearable in his body. prayed for him and he was completely healed the next day itself by the grace of our almighty God.
  • OUR Lord is working in Panipat please pray it should be continued.

Name Ceremony

God had blessed Mr & Mrs. Pankaj with a baby boy 4 months back. He wished to keep his name by me so on the last Sunday we had a special prayer for them and he declared his name Samuel. Pray for this child to grow in the Lord.

 Praise N Pray

  • Praise the Lord for the month of Sept 2011
  • Praise God for those who heard the Gospel this month, pray for them.
  • Praise God for the Indira colony project is growing. We have hope from this project to save several families.
  • Pray for Indira colony needs as mention above.
  • Pray for my BCS 31s year studies, the exam will begin from 22 October to 5 November 2016.
  • Pray for next Sunday we will have a meeting in the village of Chhichhrana where we were got attacked once, unfortunately, no one was hurt.
  • Pray for Panipat Mission may God’s hand be in it always.
  • Pray for Rachel Reuben’s studies. And Reena’s health she has leg pain.



. Rajesh Masih Konai,Panipat





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